Exclusive tailor-suited addiction treatment in Zurich.

Swiss exclusivity and highest standard of treatment in discrete and exclusive surroundings.

Zurich Health Center is a private practice in its own unique way. Our approach towards treatment of our clients is sublime.

We only treat one patient at a time - very discreetly.

Our top priority is to tailor-suit the right treatment method for each of our clients necessary needs.

When a client arrives at our location, a full team is assigned to the client throughout the stay. The team consists of doctors, therapists, nurses, counselors and a board of highly expertise members.

Our philosophy is not leaning towards one treatment method but the best of various treatment methods.

We treat the following addictions and sympthoms:

- alcoholism

- burnout

- cocaine

- drug addiction

- anorexia


In which includes psychiatric treatment of:

- depression

- traumas

- anxiety

- personality disorders

- phobias